So I’m having an apocalyptic bent. I’m reading The Stand by Stephen King. The unabridged version on my new toy, my iPod touch. I’d started The Stand several years ago (it may even have been a decade ago) but for some reason I never finished it. I’m glad it didn’t then, because I’m enjoying the ride oh so much. The best part about The Stand is that I don’t know how it ends, other than most everyone gets sick from the Army-engineered flu.

And as I get ready to head into theater, I’m finding latent interest in religion resurrecting. I’m feeling my own version of apocalyptic story starting to germinate in my brain, so we’ll see what my year in Iraq brings.

The other book my husband recommends is SwanSong. Anyone want to learn something neat? I’m willing to bet that Stephanie Meyer pays tribute to SwanSong and The Stand in her Twilight series. I could be wrong, but her main characters’ last names are Swan and Cullen. Coincidence? Or just cool.

One thing the Army teaches us is to honor those that came before us, so if she is paying tribute to those authors, bravo!

So today, on Veteran’s Day, let’s pause to honor those that gave the ultimate sacrifice and those who haven’t but who give up something of their lives so the rest of the nation can go about their daily business without worrying over who is going to protect them from the boogeyman.

That’s all for now.