Hi Gang!

I’m super excited to share this announcement with you. A few months ago, I saw Joe Hill on Twitter talking about this start up company Bitlit. It allows you to get the ebook for the corresponding print book if you already own the print.

As an author, I get why publishers don’t want to bundle print and ebooks. There are readers like me who, if we love the digital book, will also buy the print book thus creating two revenue streams for publishers. Plus there are technical and I suspect some legal challenges to bundling that the major publishers haven’t figured out yet, at least not that I’m tracking.

But I’m also a reader and I know that, especially for nonfiction, I read better on print but take better notes on digital. But there are also authors like Nalini Singh that I just have to have on my keeper shelf but also know I’ll read it faster if I’m on my iPad.

So I’m really excited to tell you that of my indie books currently available in print are now available on Bitlit FOR FREE. If you buy or if you already own the print book for ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOU, or either of my nonfiction projects TO IRAQ & BACK or THE LONG WAY HOME, you’ll be able to install the Bitlit app on your smartphone or tablet and get the digital copies for free iOS | google play

Anyway, I’m really excited to offer you something I would really like to see from more publishers. It’s a way for me to say thanks to all the readers out there who have supported me from day one. Of course, the print books are more expensive than a regular paperback b/c they’re print on demand but this way at least, you can get two for one.

The three new books that are coming out early next year will also be part of the bundling program at Bitlit. Once I have more finalized info about them, I’ll definitely shoot a note out here first. But there should be more information very soon after the new year.

Have a wonderful holiday season! However you celebrate yours, make it a good one!