All right so since the publishing of the Coming Home series was a little…out of sequence and I’ve been contacted by a bunch of readers who haven’t been able to figure out the series order, I’ve decided to post this as a primer until I update my website accordingly.

You are able to read the series stand alone. What I mean by that is other than Because of You and Back To You, there is no overarching story arc. Each story stands on it’s own – or at least I think it does.

So, if you’re just starting out on the entire Coming Home series, here’s how to read it:

Coming Home #1: BECAUSE OF YOU ~ SFC Shane Garrison and Jen St James discover the healing power of love cover

Coming Home #.5: I’LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS ~ SGT Vic Carponti & his wife Nicole faces their greatest fear ~

You can actually start with either Because of You or I’ll Be Home For Christmas.

Coming Home 1.5: ANYTHING FOR YOU ~ catch up with Shane & Jen JS-AnythingforYou-HighRes2

Coming Home #2: BACK TO YOU ~ Captain Trent Davila & his wife Laura must learn to trust each other before they can love again

Coming Home #3: UNTIL THERE WAS YOU ~ Captain Evan Loehr and Captain Claire Montoya discover there is more to each other than the rank on their chest

Coming Home 4: ALL FOR YOU ~ SFC Reza Iaconelli meets his match with Captain Emily Lindberg

Coming Home 5: IT’S ALWAYS BEEN YOU ~ Captain Ben Teague squares off with Major Olivia Hale and sparks fly

I hope this makes things a little easier for everyone. Sorry it’s been such a pain in the neck lately!

All books are currently available from your favorite ebook retailer.