So um, I have a book coming out tomorrow that I’m not at ALL neurotic about. But, I have to say, I’m truly grateful for the amazing reviews that are coming in for Trent & Laura’s story. For everyone who has waited so patiently for me to get my head out of my fourth point of contact and get this story out there, thank you so so much.

Check out some of these amazing reviews!! So far no one has said it’s sucked eggs – at least not in public -, which is always nice, you know?

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“Back To You is exactly was it sounds like. It is two people trying to find their way back to each other. Trying to work through their problems and what’s best for everyone involved. It is not an easy story. It’s rough and emotional and real.” ~Romancing Rakes for the Love of Romance

“The tears shed while reading Back to You weren’t all sad. Yes some were tears of frustration, but there were happy tears and even some ‘laugh out loud’ tears. By the end of this one I can honestly say that both the tears and the wait were totally worth it.” ~Creative Deeds Reads

– “I really liked how the story was written. Not only was it gripping, it was sincerely written. It made me feel all the emptiness, hollowness, the awkwardness, the pain what Trent and Laura felt, but also, it made me feel hopeful, taking all the small steps together with the main characters building up the trust again. It gives you a feeling, that the author knows what she is writing about.” ~ Me and Reading

“I. LOVED. IT. Sooooooooooo good. Jessica Scott just may be the best romance author out there…If you like contemporary romance, then you have to read “Back to You”. It’s a perfect blend of romance, pathos, humor, and characterization.” ~ Bea’s Book Nook

*note, I don’t think this link is working yet but it should be up today!* “From the moment I began reading the first book in Jessica Scott’s Coming Home series, I knew that this was an author whose voice I would like to listen to forever. The sensitivity and compassion with which she depicts the soldiers in this series, wounded physically and psychologically by the immense toll of war, reverberates within your heart as you read these novels…Five stars for Back to You, a compelling, engrossing, and moving love story!” ~Fab Fantasy Fiction

There are also many great Goodreads reviews (seriously, this is like my highest rated book yet):

“Jessica Scott has written a heart-wrenching story of friendship and loyalty, of determination and disappointment and desperation, of stubborn fear, of stubborn love…”

All I can say is WOW. What a wonderfully moving and compelling story…This book is full of emotion you feel from the very first page. I highly recommend this one!

I have found another favorite author! Her writing style is beautiful, honest, and real. Her ability to tell a story from both POV is incredible…I can’t wait to read more of her work.”

Block off some time when you get this book; I myself could not put it down – I couldn’t sleep so I just got up and finished it with only 3 hours sleep! You will laugh (come on Vic is in this book!), you will cry (some of those happy tears) and your heart will ache. It is that good!”

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