PCS is one of those times that we look on with a mixture of emotions. Sometimes, it’s thank God I’m leaving. Other times, it’s wow, this move is going to suck.

The time has come for my family diaspora to end. I’m finally heading home where I will be all mommy all the time. I miss my family.


I admit I did not want to come to Fort Gordon. I’ve never really been a fan of this place for a variety of reasons. I was already KD complete and felt like I was checking a block. But that was before I arrived.

I’ve learned a great deal more than what I thought I would. I’ve gotten a voice to develop and help shape things that are important me. I’ve learned that the future of our signal corps is bright because of the people we are seeding into the force. We have a lot of rock solid officers who care about what they do. And to have been a part of seeding that change into the wider army? That’s pretty cool.

But the thing that I will miss is the people. I don’t know if it’s a function of getting older, getting more comfortable in my own skin or what but I truly enjoyed this group of my peers. I will miss them. I know that in this digital age, keeping in touch will be much easier than it once was. I know the value of bringing real world relationships into online life and back again.

But I will be sad come Wednesday to see everyone walk to their cars and disperse throughout the army. What made this group unique was the lack of backstabbing, the lack of infighting, the support when one person struggled, the team that got behind whoever needed it. Everyone had different strengths and weaknesses but instead of culling the weak from the herd, we brought everyone closer.

That’s so damn rare.

We started together. We finished together. But more, we finished as friends. The relationships started here will continue and as one of my mentors taught me, everything is about relationships.

I will miss them.