Lately I’ve become obsessed with my junk mail account. See, many moons ago, back in the 90s when email wasn’t prolific and you were really ahead of the game if you had an account, I opened my first hotmail account.

This was back in the day when AOL was still relevant and hotmail was free. Then I discovered online shopping. Yes, I have been an Amazon customer since something like 1997 when I discovered they, along with Victorias Secret, would ship to my first duty assignment in Germany.

Fast forward a few years and the spam became unbearable. I kept my hotmail account but now only use it for online shopping. I’ve got it set it exclusive so anything not routed as approved goes automatically to junk mail.

So why now, years after I’ve abandoned that account for all but online shopping am I checking the junk mail folder like a crack addict? Daily, multiple times a day, I’m checking. Looking for coupons, looking for my Nigerian prince.

I can’t explain it. It just kind of happened. And yet, there it is. Me checking my spam folder for emails that have been routed to the wrong folder. It’s a sickness, it really is.