It’s almost bedtime. I may not have made it out of pajamas/work out clothes today but I had one hella productive day:

Worked out
Cleaned out garage
cleaned out office
downloaded songs for oldest as payment for demining the backyard (this was a bigger accomplishment than you know)

I still need to shower and pick up the rest of the house. You know. Big goals.

Over the course of this cleaning adventure, I have found my note cards of required knowledge from OCS (5 years old), my dog tags with my maiden name on them (13 years old) and multiple pictures of my kids, nieces and nephews scattered through various and sundry drawers.

I am also the proud owner of a billion and one staples and zero paperclips.

I’ve got a huge pile of stuff that’s going to the goodwill at some point this week.

I also discovered my kids’ ID cards expired 3 years ago. Because I’m an awesome parent. Sheesh.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve found when mucking out your stuff?