I’m a space cadet. I’m convinced the only reason I’m even moderately successful in life is because I joined the army and it taught me discipline.

When my kids were little, every day would be an exercise of trying to find the missing thing. Either a missing diaper bag, a missing box for wipes, a missing tube of stuff or my car keys.

After one particularly irritating episode where I ended up late for work, I made the decision that my keys were going by the door, period. And that’s where they went. When I was in Iraq, my keys went in one pocket, my wallet in another. I always knew where things went because they never went somewhere else.

Fast forward a few years and my oldest has glasses…that we can never find. In the course of the last year, we’ve gone through 3 pairs now. I just got back from the Eye Mart where I told them to show me the cheapest glasses she had. Two pairs later, we’re up to pairs four and five.

We’ve tried rules of the glasses only go here. Doesn’t work (obviously). I’ve tried to remember where they are, that doesn’t work either. I’m at a loss. And I can’t just send her to school without them because she fricking blind and can’t read without them.

So here’s what we’re going to try. After this, if my daughter loses them, she’s going to have to give up her iPod for a week and give me the money to replace them. I’m too fed up with this being a daily occurrence.

Help me put folks. What tricks have you used to make your kids have homes for things?