So I’ve been thinking about folks who have just joined me on the journey of chaos through writing, deploying, commanding and parenting and it dawned on me that I’ve been running this blog since late 2008 and it really didn’t take off until 2009 while I was in Iraq. I’ve managed to download the file and have been rereading my journey through Kuwait, arriving in Iraq and onward (man I wrote a TON of books while I was deployed and some of them were total shit).

But I think the blog might be worth salvaging. Going through the process of compiling it. It’s always been a mix of parenting, army stuff, and writing stuff. Why not, right?

So if I were to do this, what could I call it? And what would be a great concept for a cover that would make it stand out. It’s not a war journal, even though it is kind of a diary. It’s not a woman at war memoir, although there’s definitely mommy at war angst. It’s a little bit of everything.

How the hell do you title that?