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It’s time to scorch up the summer! It’s hopping time again (noticing a trend around here) and today I’ve got a steamy excerpt from Because of You to help fog up your computer screen!

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Jen. She was beauty and strength and life and everything that was still good in the world. Desire surged inside of him and he dragged her against him, giving in to it.

He traced one hand down her throat, her pulse beating erratically beneath his thumb. His hand ran down her back to cup her backside and with a quick jerk, he dragged her on top of him. She caught her foot against one of the external fixators and white hot pain exploded. He groaned and she froze immediately. “This is an omen,” he said when he could speak.
“No, it’s not.”
She pressed her hips against his still-clothed erection. That simple erotic contact nearly sent him over the edge. The one thing that mattered was Jen. Her taste, her touch. His lips traced down her throat as the pain receded. She arched her neck and he dragged his teeth over her pulse until she gasped.
He slipped his hand beneath her pants and her skin was satin and heat. His need nearly overwhelmed him, and he yanked it back.
This was Jen rocking against him, releasing soft gasps in his ear as his hands played over her body. He would never hurt her. Not in this lifetime would he ever use her for a simple physical release.
He wanted to lay her on her back and thrust inside of her, leaving the pain, the heartache, and the despair behind as he lost himself in her. He needed her, not just another warm body.
Slowly, so slowly, he slid his hand over her belly, inching her blouse up. She gripped his wrists. “Don’t.”
Reality crashed over him.
“No one has touched you there.” It wasn’t a question.
She pulled away. Not physically, but she might as well have. The juncture of her
hips lifted away from his fading erection, her hands braced against his chest instead of curling into him like they had a moment ago.
She started to move away, but he held her to him gently, his thumbs stroking her lower back.
He couldn’t let her go. Not now, when he’d fucked up so badly. He would get this one thing right.
“Don’t pull away.” His whisper was the only sound above their still ragged breaths. “Please don’t.”
She stilled above him, and then nuzzled his palm with her cheek. “I didn’t mean to freak you out.”
He tugged her down so he could nibble on her lips. “You didn’t.”
She sighed as his tongue flicked over the corner of her lips. “You stopped.”
He stroked her lower back and pleasure spiked through him as she began to respond
to his touch. “You were surprised.”
“You’re right.” She arched against him. Her breath warmed his neck as her fingers
curled into the base of his neck and shoulder. “I . . . I just haven’t been touched there . . .” Her words brushed against his skin and he shivered, wanting so badly to fix this.
The silky fabric of her blouse caressed his skin and he loved the fullness of her breasts—breast—against his chest. He wanted to touch her there, to tease that nipple to a hard peak. He wanted to look up into her eyes as he suckled her. But tonight, he would find another way.
He stroked her skin, slowly, his fingers trailing lower.
He’d never felt such arousal, such a need to claim. To give. He’d never felt the
desire for this slow build. He wanted to take his time with Jen, to watch her eyes darken, her lips part. Her breath hitched as he drifted lower still, her body frozen in anticipation of his touch. She bit her lip and let him explore. Watching. Waiting.
He slipped his hand under her pants and her underwear and cupped her sweetness, his palm absorbing her heat. Her hips jerked and a low gasp escaped her. He kept his hand still, cupping her heat. So slowly, he parted her and slick, hot moisture covered his finger.
She trembled beneath his touch, and her hips rocked against his hand. She gasped his name into his ear as her orgasm burst through her, an intense explosion riding over both of them in waves.
Her gaze darted between his face and his shorts and realization dawned on him like hot pinpricks racing across his skin.
“We need to get these off of you.” She reached for the snaps on the athletic shorts he’d worn since they’d taken the catheter out, the only article of clothing other than a man-dress that he could get on and off easily over the pins.
“Are you sure?”
She kissed him and he prayed that meant yes.
Thank you, Jesus.
She quickly shimmied out of her own pants then flicked off the overhead light
before climbing back into the bed. She’d clean the lamp up later. His breath caught at the sight of her kneeling over him, exposing the glorious blond hair between her thighs. He wanted to lift her hips and drive into her until they both exploded. He yanked back the fierce arousal. He wasn’t going to screw this up.
He closed his eyes as her fingers slithered down his chest. Over the tattoos and the scars. Her fingers lingered over the tiny scar on the right side of his stomach and the more recent ones that were still healing, including one of the two that had almost kept him home from the war. Then she drifted lower again with aching slowness. She paused at the top of his penis and he waited for her to go just a little lower.
A smile crept over her lips. He scowled. “What’s so funny?”
“It’s not quite the same without a tube sticking out of it.”
“Ha-ha-ha.” He gripped her hand and guided her to him, cutting off her laughter.
He sucked in a hard breath as her small fingers wrapped around his cock. He damn near came when her thumb stroked over the head, already slick with his own wetness.
If she kept stroking him, he wasn’t going to last. It had been months since he’d been with anyone, but nothing had ever felt like this. The emotion churning inside him was anticipation mixed with dark pleasure and something more.
She pressed a foil packet into his hand. His hands shook as he struggled to cover himself. Then she braced her palms against his chest and shifted her hips. And he was there, right at the opening of her tight heat. He groaned when she teased the tip of his cock with a tiny rotation of her hips.
She was so slick. He could glide deep inside her with a single thrust. Instead, he held infinitely still as she slowly, so slowly, sank onto his erection. Her beautiful body tightened and stretched around him.
He couldn’t move, couldn’t complete their union the way he wanted. He slid his palms down over her hips, and showed her the rhythm he craved.
She closed her eyes and raised herself off of him, rocking in that perfect, primal
motion. The pressure built inside of him as she tipped her head back and rode him, small gasps of pleasure bursting free with each smooth rise of her hips. His own need grew more urgent, more demanding. His eyes rolled back in his head as she rode him faster, taking him deeper. Her body clenched and spasmed and then she burst around him, his name a gasp on her lips.
He held her tight against him as he shattered, and her body trembled and exploded as her orgasm crashed over her again and again. He wrapped his arms tight around her when she collapsed against his chest, her breath brushing against his sweat-covered skin.
He felt alive. And for the first time in months, it didn’t feel wrong.