I have a small obsession with makeup. Specifically, I love it and I’m always searching for the next best thing. I’ve always had this thought that I would find that magical product and I’d use it until I was 80 or until it was discontinued (Laura Mercier, we need to talk about your cancelling the Flawless Cleansing Oil). Well, as the makeup budget in my house can attest, I’m always buying something new. Always. It’s a sickness, but that’s another conversation.

But over the years, I’ve been fairly brand loyal. I discovered Bobbi Brown while I was pregnant with my first born, primarily because it did not contain a lot of phthalates. Well, I sort of stuck with the brand for a long, long time. Bobbi has been good to me. But in 2010, I started a small shift. A good friend of mine turned me on to Stila and Smashbox. I’ll tell you quite honestly, that Smashbox lid primer is the best product out there for keeping eye shadow in place. But I digress.

There have always been my go to products. For my hair, I always used Feria. For my foundation, I always used Laura Mercia tinted moisturizer. This year, though, I got a wild hair across my ass as I’m wont to do and started changing things.

Yeah, um, this did not pan out so well. I changed to Natural Instincts temp color. I went darker because I thought it would be good to just cover my command induced grey hairs. Yeah, well, instead of classy chocolate brown, I ended up goth brown/black. It looked AWFUL. Bad enough that during my duaghter’s first communion (and Jesus is so going to get me for this) I sat there and obsessed about how terrible my hair looked instead of listening to the priest. (I did actually manage to get over my self absorbtion but still. My hair was distracting me).

I also tried Stila tinted moisturizer, which at first glance, seemed like a great product. Until I looked at a picture and realized I looked like the emperor from Star Wars. That kind of pale only works in vampire movies. Kind of like full length leather trench coats but that’s another story entirely and I won’t admit to owning one in high school. Not under pain of bad mascara.

So needless to say, I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time and intense conditioning trying to get the color out of my hair. I spent a good half hour online ordering my tried and true foundation again and Bobbi, I’m coming back to you because there is nothing like Bobbi Brown long wear eye liner.
Sometimes change is good. I can tell you it’s inevitable. But there are some things that should not be changed on a whim. And other things, like stripping your own hair color, should definitely be left to the professionals.

I’m now going back inside the paper bag I’m wearing over my head. Goes well with the ACU.