So last year at RWA Nationals, I was on cloud nine. I’d just sold my first book to Sue Grimshaw at Loveswept and I was over the moon when she’d told me the authors she was going to ask to blurb BECAUSE OF You.

When I say over the moon, I had gone beyond hyperactive to plaid (yes, that is a Spaceballs reference. don’t ask). So after the RITAs I was chatting with random folks and gushing about, what else, my book. I mentioned to the poor lady who’d gotten cornered that Sue was going to ask Robyn Carr to blurb it. Freaking Robyn Carr, I mean could you believe it?

“Yes,” she responded. “But I have to read the book first.”

Um. Yes. That was me. Being a complete and total freak the first time I met Robyn. Well, it turns out that making the #1 New York Times Bestseller status doesn’t go to some people’s heads because Robyn is the most gracious, loveliest person. She generously blurbed my book and what can I say, she’s a sweetie. And we’re both moms and we both have connections to the military. Her son is an army officer, too so we’ve chatted.

Well today she popped into Fort Hood for a book signing and invited me to swing by. I brought my kiddos, who, for once, were absolute saints and made me look like a halfway decent parent. I was able to meet her son and her husband and basically spend the afternoon chatting about life, kids, the army and a little bit about books.

So I’m thrilled today to give away autographed copies of Robyn’s latest books: SUNRISE POINT, REDWOOD BEND & HIDDEN SUMMIT. You can enter the contest below by any of the means you’d like. I’ll draw the winner on the 20th! And of course, I’ll throw in a digital copy of BECAUSE OF YOU, as an added bonus.


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