This week saw the backlash against Rush Limbaugh’s hateful comments go into full swing and my tweets and blog post were part of that. I said my piece because the attacks on women’s right to decide for themselves their medical health reached a point where I had to speak.

I did not expect this to have the impact that it did. Thank you for the huge outpouring of support and to those who were willing to engage in constructive dialogue. I am honored that my words touched so many people but this debate does not need me to continue.

I’m truly flattered by the media requests that have come in but I’m not discussing this further. While I am proud to have helped galvanized the debate, I’m not going to engage partisan politics. This is bigger than right or left. Thank you for asking me to come on your shows, but I’ve said my piece.

For the record, in my writing career and my professional life as a soldier, I have never been asked to say something I did not agree with, nor have I ever been silenced other than through my own conscience.

My words and opinions are my own and should not be misconstrued as DoD or Army positions. I am proud to wear the uniform. I am prouder still that I have the support and love of my family, as well as those with whom I serve: seniors, peers and subordinates.

When we only listen to those who espouse opinions we agree with, we are weakened as a people. With luck and perseverance, this movement will shift into productive discussion that serves to make our nation stronger.

Our national dialogue is too important to allow the politics of hate and name calling to weaken it further. What I am most proud of is that this debate proves that our nation is still in the hands of we the people.