You know, I kind of like my life. Granted, I have to suffer through 19 obnoxious little hooligans tapping on my cage, waking me up, picking me up and touching me in inappropriate places but hey, I’m a hamster. My life in my little classroom is just this side of perfect.

I escaped once. The whole class was looking for me and I was completely on my own, foraging, stealing food from that stupid rabbit who just wiggles his nose at me as I rappel into his cage.

But you know, I’m not a bad class pet. I don’t bite. I let the kids play with me. Occassionally, I’ll deign to entertain them.

What the FUCK did I do to deserve this?

I woke up somewhere new. My cage moved while I was sleeping. Now, I’m surrounded by books. Not colorful scribbles that are supposed to be people. Books. And then, there’s the walking creatures of death.

Dogs. Three of them. A big dumb looking white one who looks like she poops bigger than me. A goofy looking black one who looks like he wants to play with me and by play I mean eat. It’s the red one who scares me. She just stares. She looks old. Like I *might* have a chance at outrunning her if I’m lucky.

But those aren’t the worst of this new hell.

There are cats. What the hell is it with the people and threes? But there are three cats. A fat black and white one doesn’t look like much of a threat but I’m not willing to risk it. The little grey one, though, looks like she’d gladly gut me and use my liver as a candy dish. But it’s the fat black one who scares the living hell out of me.

He’s nimble. Especially for being so fat, he climbs. And he’s constantly picking fights with the other ones. They hate him. Maybe I can turn them against each other and escape.

I am not going to survive this shit. But I’m not going down without a fight.