So remember a few weeks ago when I was wondering how one coordinated a blog tour for a book launch? I was somewhat confused about where the process began, what I should be doing to promote my book and what I was going to screw up.

Twitter came to the rescue once again and a few folks who you’ll see below came to the rescue and offered up some spots to help promo my debut novel Because of You.

Not only do I have those amazing blogs lined up, I’ve got a blog post just about every day for a month, starting the week after next. And I’m triple booked for release day, which it just dawned on me was Veterans Day this year, which is somewhat appropriate, I guess, because Shane and Carponti and all the guys in Because of You are inspired by the guys around me that I serve with every single day.

So if you’re interested in checking out where I’ll be through the month of October and November, here’s the list so far. I’m trying to figure out how to put the links up on the sidebar of my blog, so I’ll get to that one of these days (probably after I fail the GRE but I digress).

I’m really, really excited about this. I love reading author blogs especially when they’re talking about something different. So luckily, some of these dates are interviews and other dates are me rambling on about various and sundry topics (seriously, give me some ideas about what you’re curious about, otherwise, you’re going to hear about my cats).

There’s more to follow but here’s the list so far!
10/24 – Pink Heart Society
11/2 – Riding With The Top Down
11/4 – The Book Pushers Debut Author Feature
11/5 – Shiloh Walker’s Blog
11/7- Kate Davies
11/9 – RT – Morgan Doremus
11/13 – Interview on Romance At Random
11/14- USA Today’s-Happily Ever After Blog
11/14 – Fresh Fiction
11/14 – Plot Monkeys
11/15 – Mindy Klasky’s Blog
11/16 – The Bookpushers
11/17 – Vauxhall Vixens
11/20 – Read React Review
11/22 – Murder She Writes
11/25 – Ex Libiris