So one of the things that I have to do now is get author pics. And I’ll admit, I love getting dressed up and all that but this is kind of daunting. I mean, if I get the wrong pose, people are going to look at the back of the book and go WTF?

I can’t used any of the Army pics I’ve got because that’s a violation of ethics rules. So it’s all civilian Jess all the way around. I’ve called up a good friend of mine who is building his portfolio and he’s getting some ideas together. I’m very excited because he’s got a great eye and I totally get to plug his work. But really, I’m doing legit author pics.

Hang on. I’m having a moment.

Anyone who spent time with me at RWA 11 knows I said that a lot. There were so many times where I just had to stop and take a second to absorb everything. Like meeting legendary editors at Random House. Or even being in the Random House lobby (seriously, that place is awe inspiring). Or seeing my book cover up in the Spotlight and learning I was going to be the Loveswept launch.

But ever since I’ve been home from New York, it’s been game on. All the fun and prep for New York has been gone and it’s been ACUs and combat boots and impossibly long days and into the nights. I’ve been exhausted, to the point that Monday night, I gave up and just went to bed. It feels like the last three weeks have taken everything I’ve had just to keep going because some of the stuff we’ve been dealing with at work is just…it’s draining. I’ve got the best job in the world and I wouldn’t give it up for anything.

So to take a step back this weekend and get dressed up again for pictures is going to be fun. Hopefully, it’ll give me a brief escape with friends to relax and take some fun pictures that will hopefully hide all the dog hair in my house. And I’m sure, if we do take the pics at my house, that there will be at least one cat sneaking into the picture. Maybe a kid or two. But it’s going to be fun.

So what do you like about author pics? What do you look for in them? What drives you crazy about author photos? And fellow authors, how did you decide that this picture was the one for the back of your book and your website? Would love some advice and recommendations!