Craving Cowboys: Catch Me by Lorelie Brown

I’ve made no secret that I’ve been on a cowboy craze lately. I’m not sure what started it, except that I am perfectly willing to admit that the evening I spent up at Cow Town, NJ got me thinking about the man behind the rodeo clown. But I digress.

I’ve always loved romances set in the wild west. I grew up reading Johanna Lindsay’s Brave the Wild Wind with a girl named Frank (trust me, you have to read the book). So when Lorelie Brown, fellow Army wife and former soldier herself, offered me a chance to savor some new cowboy goodness with a sneak peak at Catch Me is a great offering from Lorelie Brown and a must read for anyone looking for a sweet, yet sexy cowboy. Maggie never lets Dean get the upper hand and she’s no simpering damsel waiting to be rescued. I love a strong heroine and Maggie matches Dean time and again. So if you’re craving a steamy cowboy romance, complete with assless chaps (I’m kidding) (maybe I’m not), swing on over to Carina Press and pick up Lorelie’s latest novel.