You know, it’s not like I haven’t flown before. It’s not like I haven’t been to Nationals before. But seriously, this is kind of ridiculous. I was up til damn near 1 am, then back up at 330 because I couldn’t sleep. So now I’m at the airport, getting ready for the first leg of my trip.

And I’m flipping tired. Really? The conference I’ve been looking forward to for weeks if not since last year, and I’m tired??

Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited as all get out. I can’t wait to catch up with old friend and make some new ones. I’m stalking a couple of folks (you know who you are) because I’m a total fan girl nerd. And all in all, I’m going to have some me time.

This is my only real break this year. My only ‘me’ time. I’m dressing up and stepping out. No combat boots, no ACUs, no rushing the kids off to daycare. I’ve got meetings and parties and shoes that please Lord, let me have broken in right.

So wish me luck! I’ll try to blog during the conference but if I don’t, I’ll for sure do a wrap up at the end.

See you in New York!

And the text editor wordpress app for ipad sucks. In case anyone was wondering.