I don’t do well with anxiety. I don’t handle it particularly well on a good day and I really don’t do well when I have to sit and wait.

For anyone new to publishing, waiting better be your strong point.

I’m a do-er. When the shit and the fan make babies, I have to have something TO DO. I cannot sit. I cannot wait. I must have action or distraction or whatever. Call it what you want but please do not tell me to sit in a chair and wait.

This lack of patience has been a big problem for me, oh, my entire life. It’s gotten me in trouble in the military because, well, in the absence of orders I will make decisions (and when you’re a young sergeant supporting the division headquarters and you decide to crash your switch because it will bring the communications link back up but you didn’t tell anyone first these things tend to not go well).

That is partially the reason for this blog post right now. I need something to do with my shaking hands while I’m waiting for the phone to ring or the inbox to chime. I’m waiting for SOMETHING to happen and I’m forced to sit.
Sitting is not my strong point.

So tell me folks, what do you do to kill the time when you have to wait? How do you deal with the space between action?