I think I get a cool mom prize today. Not for building my kids a swing set or actually making them homemade cookies.

No, today I saved a book.

Today started like any other day. I got the girls up at 5 am. Got them out the door by 540 and off to daycare. As we’re pulling down the road, my oldest says “Mommy, I lost my library book!”

And I’m confused because just yesterday, I took all the library books back, so we wouldn’t be late bringing them back. And therein lies the problem.

Apparently, my oldest was doing what she was supposed to – oddly enough – and she’d kept all of the library books together, unbeknownst to me. So when I gathered all the town library books up, I didn’t think to look and see if one of them belonged to the school.

One did.

And my oldest was highly upset about this. As I dropped her off, i assured her I would find her book or that we would replace the book so she could keep getting books out of her school library (as an aside, I love that my girls favorite places to go are the library and the bookstore).

So I managed to get the book back from the local library (thank you Harker Heights Library for letting me in before you opened) and returned the book just in time for my oldest’s library time.

And when she waved at me through the window and said thanks Mommy, it was all the coolness in the world. I’d managed to save the day – or at least one library book.