Okay so the trauma of the weekend calls for several heroes across the board, starting with the ER staff at Darnall, who took such proactive care of my littlest stunt baby. Head injuries are bad but so often are simply a knock on the head. Darnall ER did a ct scan to be proactive and discovered the fractured skull and immediately called for medevac to Austin.

The air evacuation team was so friendly and kind to my daughter. Granted she was almost asleep the entire flight but they made sure she was delivered safe and sound, with mommy along for the nerve wracking but incredibly smooth flight.

And the entire staff at Dell Children’s Hospital is incredible. Starting with Joe in the ER, who kept checking on my little girl and on me. I don’t know if he was just extra nice or if that was his normal demeanor but I am so grateful to him and the emergency folks there. The amazing thing about it Dell Childrens hospital is that my daughter had assigned nurses for an entire shift. We saw the same people consistently, the same faces on the trauma team and the neurology team and the ICM team. I can’t even express how grateful I am for the exceptional care my kidlet has received here and I am so incredibly grateful to the entire team who helped make sure my little girl was going to be okay. It was a horribly stressful weekend and everyone here did so much to help ease my mind and that of my husband, who is just starting his 4th combat tour in Iraq.

So to everyone who helped get my little girl to the right docs at the right time, thank you.