Today’s post was supposed to be on the rituals that keep us sane, part two. But in light of messages that have been hitting my inbox lately, I’ve opted for a different topic of conversation. Maybe this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Maybe I should simply accept that putting myself out there on social networking sites as a writer means I’m going to get weird emails from random people.

But seriously, I think something is going around. In the last two weeks, I’ve gotten FOUR emails from random guys looking to hook up via Facebook. Okay, I got it, my husband is deployed but seriously, that is not code for I’m looking for a booty call. Oh and in case anyone has any delusions about showing up at my house looking for some action, you’ll find it. But trust me when I tell you it won’t be what you thought you were getting.

I don’t get this. I really don’t. What’s the right way to respond, other than delete? I’m a writer, I’m used to living with crazy inside my head every single day but this? This is beyond weird. And in today’s day and age, are people really just hooking up via Facebook? People really do this?

Maybe the right answer is to just delete the emails and pretend my eyes aren’t bleeding. But I’m curious now. Authors, what’s the strangest thing you’ve gotten via email? Via mail? And what steps have you taken to protect yourself from the weirdness that proliferates online and in real life?