This post is not going to be why I hate the new office mandated
Blackberry. I actually really enjoy having the ability to check my work
email from home, thereby increasing my situational awareness when I’m
out of the office. It makes life just that much easier to be out
checking on my troops instead of wondering what grenades are waiting in
my inbox for me to discover two hours too late.

All that said, I now carry my iPhone and my Blackberry. Even when I
first purchased my iPhone, if I had to answer a long email, I’d wait to
do it on my laptop. My fingers just have too much muscle memory built in
to be comfortable nailing away at a screen with no response other than
an audible click. Even then, I can still type out a response on my
iPhone because my fingers have learned the layout so well. So imagine my
chagrin when I get my buttons that I thought I missed back. The
Blackberry I have has these little tiny slanted buttons. They’re not
flat, which means I’m never sure what I’m actually hitting (as witnessed
by my multiple wrong password entries).

Bottom line is that while it’s cool to have my email at my finger tips,
I’ll pass on even writing a thank you email on this sucker. It is nearly
a read only device for me because it is so difficult to get my fingers
to work on the buttons. I suppose with time, I’ll develop new muscle
memory to be able to type on it. It will happen eventually the longer I
use it. But in the mean time, I really only read the emails. I don’t
answer calls on it. I damn sure don’t compose any emails on it.

But I love checking my inbox and keeping the fires of command at bay,
even if it’s only a little bit. In this game, every little advantage
helps and despite not liking the keys, I’ll take it.