So here I sit, typing this post on my snazzy new iPad. Kind of a neat gadget, really. And the potential use for work is absolutely astonishing. yes I will be in the Motorpool in the future working on command and staff slides so that I can submit them to the s3 and not get them uploaded to the portal on time.

I have to say that typing on this thing is pretty easy. Its not really that hard and the spelling mistakes that I would make hitting the wrong keys on my iPhone are a thing of th past. But what’s really cool is that I finally got the kindle app to update and this might be the thing that puts me over to the ebook reading I’ve been meaning to do but has been such a pain on the iPhone. Not that I didn’t read books on my iPhone but it was just kind of a small screen and this one is kind of perfect.

Ok so enough glowing over my cool gadget. There’s this stuff i need to do and the reality is that if I can figure out how to edit documents in track changes, this thing will be the ultimate portable writing tool. I can sync it with scrivener through simplenote (still have to figure out how to do this) and I can revise in pages. So we’ll see how it goes but I’m pretty excited about it.

Life has been pretty hectic around here. I’m a terrible grinch and I barely got anything done for Christmas.I didn’t even send out Christmas cards. I took yesterday and went to barnes and noble to get some writing done. I didn’t feel guilty about leaving the kids at daycare or about meeting my husband for a movie. It was a productive couple of hours that I worked through another 20 pages and am now officially 1/3 of the way through my book. If I’m able to drive through it in the coming days, I may end up making my agent happy with a revised novel by the first of the year.

No, that doesn’t mean I’m spending the entire holiday working on my book but I did come to the realization that writing truly is something that relaxes me an given all the stress I’ve been coping with lately (we won’t talk about the potential heart attack I thought i was having) I realize that i truly need to take some time to myself and write.

So as I reflect everything that I’ve learned over the last couple of months as a commander, I realize that if i don’t take time for myself, I really wont be able to amok it through t his experience. And if my iPad gives me a little bit of sanity by letting me get some writing done throughout the day, then this little device might be just the thing i needed.

Thanks honey!