Okay, my little one has a VERY active imagination. In addition to having an amazing memory, things I wouldn’t think an almost 4 year old would recall, she’s got a couple of imaginary friends, Tom and Jerry (yes, the Tom & Jerry).

Today, I hear my name called and get told to go check on her. Well, sitting on my bathroom floor is my daughter, a pair of scissors, and a pile of blond hair. Oddly enough, she actually did a good job and gave herself bangs. But when asked why she did it, she said Tom told her to do it. (You may recall that my oldest had a couple of rounds with scissors, which resulted in both children having page boy hair cuts for a while that are JUST now growing out).

Not only does she have an imaginary friend, she knows to blame things on him.

So I calmly explained while fixing her bangs, that the next time Tom tells her to do something, she needs to ask Mommy or Daddy first.

Tonight, she fills the bathtub up to swimming pool depths – with cold water. Why? Tom told her to do it. She washes her hair twice. Why? Tom.

I’m not exactly sure how to handle this who thing. Its funny at the moment but I also realize that she thinks she’s getting away with things by blaming it on Tom. I believe she really thinks I believe her.

For now, I’m content to continue to try and explain that she needs to not listen to Tom. And while we’re learning that lesson, we’ll be growing out a pseudo-mullet.