So earlier this week, I posted about having plotted a book (wrote a syn/short story to define it) and sent it to my agent. He approved and now I’m starting on writing it.

Since I began, officially on June 28, I’m about 4K words into it and overall, the process feels, well, kind of smooth actually. Since I wrote the synopsis like a short story (which made it REALLY wordy) I have basicly got chapter/scene ideas written out already. Because I use Scrivener to write, it makes breaking down the scene/idea into manageable chunks.

What I’m looking at here is an entire change in how I do things. I still had to find a way into my story, which ended up starting somewhere other than where the synopsis started. And I still had to work out POV issues (both main characters want to be 1ST person, which I actually have slipped into in my 3rd Person sections). So I’m not sure how to handle the character voices that are demanding a certain POV.

Can you even write a young adult book that has two 1ST person POVs?

But, in looking at the last two posts, the issues that I’m running into are format, not content. Since I already worked through the content piece, ie plot and characters, I’m able to worry about voice and development as opposed to what happens next, if that makes sense.

The normal way I write is I write a scene/chapter, then reach a stopping point somewhere after the words run out. I’ve had days where I’ve pounded out 10K words – all of which ended up deleted after the fact, something that might not have happened if I had known where the story was headed.

This new way of doing things for me might actually work out. So far, though, I’m liking it and it doesn’t seem to have diminished either my passion for the story, the mystery of what is going to come next (cause I’ve already been surprised by my characters) or the fun of writing it.

More to follow in the saga of a pantster (I hate that word) learns to plot!