I went to the vet today for a follow up appointment for one of my dogs and learned the disturbing news that someone is soaking meat in antifreeze and throwing it over fences in my neighborhood.

The police are actively investigating but I’m passing along the information because this is something deeply personal to me.

My dog Robbie was murdered by someone who did this exact thing. And the murderer was never caught. The fact that someone can do something so heinous and cruel is beyond me. This is not a good or easy way for an animal to die. It’s cruel and it’s inhumane and I hope they find the bastard and tie him out in the noon time sun naked in a fire ant hill.

This isn’t funny. It isn’t a prank and it’s not harmless. It’s serious, it’s a crime, and it needs to stop.

The police here are involved and actively looking for information. If you have ANY information as to who is doing this despicable act, please call the Harker Heights Police at 254-953-5400.