First off, my condolences to the families and friends of Dennis Hopper and Gary Coleman. They are the only people who truly care that either of those men have passed away this weekend.

I do not mean this post to be callous and uncaring but once more, I find the ‘news’ filled with memorials and dedications and Larry King interviews by people who ‘knew them best’.

When Michael Jackson died, you would have thought the president had been shot. The president being shot probably would have gathered less news. I mean, here was a man who turned into a freak show that most people couldn’t get enough news about and yet, we treated his death like a national holiday that went on for weeks.

Cory Haim’s death was another spectacle brought to you by the so called news. Haim was an actor most of us in our 30s grew up with but no one had heard from or about UNTIL HE DIED. Then, of course, the media was saturated by his struggles with addiction, et cetera, et cetera.

Look, I like a good distraction now and again as much as anyone. I don’t watch a lot of TV simply because I have absolutely zero ability to a, devote that much time to watching something I cannot possibly relate to, or b, find interest in something called ‘glee’ that I have no clue about. Lost? Something about an island? But celebrity watching?

This post is not meant to come off as superior or snotty but seriously: how many of you can actually say you knew Dennis Hopper? And looking at the tabloid pictures of him as he fought cancer doesn’t count. He was an actor. He made some good movies, he made some shitty movies, he got cancer, he died.

My point is that we only seem to care about celebrities when they’re dead. And for that matter, why the hell do we care at all about who they’re dating, what their wearing or where they’re shopping?

The cult of celebrity HAS TO END. We have got to start paying attention to, oh I don’t know, who is buying off politicians, what the Supreme Court has to say and what corporations are doing to pad their pockets while taking short cuts that has now resulted in an oil spill that has the potential to kill the entire Gulf of Mexico. And what about the 2 wars that have been going on since…can anyone tell me? How long have we been in Iraq? When did we go into Afghanistan? Does anyone know who Marcus Luttrell or Paul R Smith are? Or that Nidal Hassan’s trial (anyone remember him? What did he do?) begins in a few days?

But forget about all that. Dennis Hopper is dead.