Well, its been a week and I’ve got to say, I’m friggin exhausted. Its easy to forget just how hard it is to do everything yourself and to be honest, he’d wiped out, too. It’s a completely new battle rhythm where we’re both up at 450, him getting dressed and shaving, me making him coffee and packing him a lunch, then going out to the garage to work out myself ( a good book helps with this motivation).

The kids have barely noticed, which is good. He’s still home at a reasonable hour, but that’s 1900 (7 pm for you civilians) and by then, the kids are getting ready for bed. So they’re up later but they’re a little older now, so its not so bad. Keeping the house clean is moderately easy, or it would be if we didn’t have the new jerk dog that piddles everywhere and an 8 year old cat who decides that peeing where I sleep is appropriate revenge for the new kitteh member of the family.

I’ve washed the entire bed (sheets, comforter, and the foam pads beneath) 6 times since Sunday of last week, so needless to say, momma’s not happy. At least my washer can handle the king size comforter.
All in all, my husband loves it. He tells me about the funny stuff his soldiers do. Right now, we’re both in jobs that are arguably the best in the army. Working in a line company, around junior soldiers and making the mission happen. Its more work than being on staff because there’s always personal problems to handle but that’s what we do. When a soldier knows a leader truly cares, they’ll do anything for you and the team.

This week was an off one for me because of the new battle rhythm. I have the best commander on the planet. He’s given me trust to do what’s right and he’s given me the most important thing I need: time. There are some days when I feel like I’m sitting at the bottom of a well, wondering how on earth I’m going to climb out and get after the mission. This whole week felt like that so it’s been a struggle.

But the thing I’ve learned is that right now, my husband has the more important job. He’s a first sergeant. He’s ‘Top” in his unit and his soldiers are counting on him. My job is winding down as I begin my transition to a new job and my replacement is coming on board. So its important that I take on the mother load so that he can focus on getting his boys ready to go again. Because they will go again. Of that, I have no doubt.

It’s hard because he’s tired when he gets home at night. We talk for a few minutes but within an hour of getting in, he’s usually asleep. I’m not far behind him.

All in all, we’re getting there, just like we always do, together. I can honestly say I miss my husband because we don’t talk during the day now very much. He’s too busy. So we try to catch up on the way to work in the morning or on his drive home we talk on the phone. Just another way we try to keep in touch even though we’re on the same base and coming home to each other every night.

It’s going to be a long two years but we’ll get through it. Its what we do. Its what we’ll give to the Army because it’s what we are. We’re both soldiers.

It’s as simple and as complicated as that.