I’m not sure why I stopped reading sci-fi. As a teen, I devoured anything that had a spaceship on the cover, even some stuff that was pretty adult for a teenager. When I was a kid, I read the Star of The Guardians series by Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman. I loved this series but I loved the characters of Derek Sagan and Maigrey Morianna more.

Theirs was deep love there but that love had been twisted by betrayal and had turned into deep hatred and mistrust. The space opera involved putting the lost king back on the throne. There was betrayal, a space pirate and a loyal sidekick.

But Sagan and Maigrey’s story was the one that enthralled me. See, they’d once been inseparable but Sagan had a vision that he would kill Maigrey. When the book opens, its pretty easy to see how he’d be able to kill her. They hate each other but are unable to end the other.

The vision is fulfilled in the third book of the series but not for the reasons you might think. Maigrey has been poisoned and with all her powers, will wreak destruction on the galaxy and so begs Derek to kill her.
Derek does not die until the end of the fourth book and it closes with them standing at the gates of hell, facing a journey, together, at least, “through the darkness two must travel together toward the light.”

As a reader, I never understood why that book was never written. I want to see more of Maigrey and Sagan, even if their journey takes them through hell. But as an author, I understand why. The journey through hell would be simply a journey through hell. Maigrey and Sagan have already been reuinited, so there would be no major interpersonal conflict to carry the story.

But I wanted to see that book written because I adored those characters. Maigrey was incredibly strong and Sagan was deeply tortured. They were great and memorable and I wanted more.

So tell me. What book did you never get to read because it was never written?