I’ve been treading water for the last two weeks. Two nights ago, I walked into my mother home to cries of mommy, mommy. I held my daughters in my arms and I was finally home. The piece of me that was missing is now filled. I am no longer just Jessie, just a soldier, just a writer. I’m Mommy once more, with all that entails.

And I couldn’t be happier. I’m exhausted, look like hell, (remember that crappy hair cut? Yeah, I’ve had no time to take care of it.) but couldn’t be happier. I’ve had no desire to write but that’s only temporary. For now, my job is mommy. My littlest one likes to tell me “you’re the best parents in the whole wide world” even after we’ve left them for the entire year.

They’re clingy. We cannot leave them alone and have no desire to. They fight in the car more. We made it exactly five minutes on a road trip to town before my hubby was ready to pull his hair out from the “mommies” arguments and I was cracking up because despite the time lapse, I’m still able to tune them out. Of course, he went and bought dvd players for the coming road trip to Texas.

I’ve done arts and crafts and gone sledding and slept in a chair holding both of them. My youngest is so far out of pull ups, my oldest could pass for a third grader with her more mature short hair cut (I swear to God, if I catch her with scissors again…). I’ve already started counting to three to overcome my 3 year old’s selective hearing.

There’s no better feeling than holding my daughters as they snuggle up. They’ve changed incredibly but then again, so have I. This is what’s really important. The time with my kiddos. I’ll never get this year back but I still have today to make a difference and let them know how much I loved them and missed them. I’ll never let the opportunity pass by.