Things are settling back in. I’ve been home for a week now and I’m starting to feel normal. The irritation that I feel over little things is subsiding and I’m getting back into my current WIP. I nailed 20 pages on it this weekend and I’m just started to get back into the groove of it.

I’ve also had an encouraging couple of emails from prospective agents. The agents who currently have my full are ones I’d love to work with, so if I have a choice, it’s going to be a hard one to make. I won’t make an on the spot decision, but having been in one agent/author relationship, I think I have a better idea as to what I’m looking for.

In other news, I’ve rediscovered how to burn food and that my lack of domestic abilities is still sorely lacking. There was no magical hit this past year that miraculously turned me into a Martha Stewart protégé. No, I still burned the first round of blueberry muffins, however, the second round (that did not come from a box) were a huge hit with my other half (trust me, this is a bigger milestone than you might think).

The biggest news this week is that on Friday, I get full swing back into Mommy mode. No more phone calls with the kiddos, I get full blown hugs, along with peed on pants, dirty faces and attitude. It’s going to be an adjustment, I know this but one thing I am hoping for is a better perspective on things with them now that I’m home. I’m implementing a rule on myself: no email, no phone calls, no distractions while the kids are home from school. The few precious hours I have with them each night are going to be sacred mommy and kiddo time.

I personally think I’m going to go insane inside of a week. It will be a race between my mom and I as to who gets there first: me from inheriting my children back or her from the silence in her house from no children.

Either way it rolls, life is going to be an adjustment over the next few months. They say it takes 90 days for things to fully settle in. Well, in 90 days, my husband might be moving to Ft Bragg without us, for me and the kids to follow this summer. THAT will be an adjustment, but having gone through 2 deployments at home with him gone, I know I’ll be just fine. Busy. But fine.

So that’s the latest from the home front. With any kind of luck, I’ve got a new normal, just in time for that normal to be replaced, once more, by chaos. I’ll live. I always do.