I’d like to extend a warm welcome to Austin’s own award winning author, Laura Griffin, author of the incredible Glass sisters novels and one of my all time favorite books, Whisper of Warning. She’s here today to talk about her latest release, UNTRACEABLE.

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Thank you so much for being here today.

Thanks for inviting me, Jess! I enjoy your blog. So much food for thought.

Can you tell us about UNTRACEABLE?

UNTRACEABLE is the first book in my new Tracers series. It’s the story of Alex Lovell, who has established a niche business helping women in danger drop off the radar and begin new lives in safety. When one of Alex’s clients goes missing, she suspects foul play and turns to the Tracers for help. The Tracers are an elite team of forensic scientists who use cutting-edge techniques to help detectives crack their toughest cases.

Most authors have ‘that book’ that was difficult for them to write. Have you had that happen yet? What was the most difficult thing about that book?

For me, THREAD OF FEAR was difficult, mainly because that story opens with the kidnapping of a child, which is every parent’s worst nightmare. In terms of the writing, I would say UNTRACEABLE was challenging because this is a longer series than I’ve done in the past, and that means more people and a bigger story.

You mentioned in an interview with Publisher’s Weekly that you used to be reporter. What was the most difficult thing in making the shift from non fiction to fiction?

The great thing about shifting from non-fiction to fiction is being able to use your imagination to create the story, rather than just record it. The tough part is letting go of the idea that everything has to be totally realistic. In fiction, the story line doesn’t have to be probable as long as it’s plausible.

Every author has a different technique for basically ending up at the same point, which is the end of a book. What’s you’re writing process like?

I start with research, usual some kernel of an idea that sparks my interest. Then I get to know the characters I’m going to use to tell the story. Then I start writing. In UNTRACEABLE, the idea was, “What if my life was in danger and I suddenly had to disappear without a trace? How could I do that?” Alex Lovell, the main character, knows precisely how to make that happen.

What’s your favorite part of being an author?

I love to write. I love stories. I love to read, which I am lucky enough to get to pass off as research. It’s my dream job, no question about it.

UNTRACEABLE is your latest highly anticipated release. What’s next for Laura Griffin?

The Tracers are providing me with a wealth of interesting story ideas. (call me a forensics junkie). Next up is UNSPEAKABLE, which is about a serial killer. Then UNFORGIVABLE, which follows a detective unraveling a cold case.  And after that? I’m not sure, but I have a feeling it will involve a love story woven together with a mystery. Those are my favorite.

Thanks so much for joining me today, Laura.

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