Okay so I need help.

I’m starting a new book and I really want to tie in PTSD from Vietnam to my new character home from Iraq, who is seriously screwed up. I’m hoping you’ll take a look and email me with answers, impressions or anything else you think I might be able to use.

I guess the first thing I’m looking to know is who did you know that went over there? What was it like when they came home? How bad was the anti soldier sentiment? What did these guys do when they came home? How were they different? What did they say? Did they talk about it? Where there any significant events that started people changing the way we as a society looked at our soldiers (when was the turn around from baby killer to hero?) I know Dad didn’t go and he was busy protesting and all but what was it like for you and him back here at home? How did you feel when you watched the news? How is the media coverage different today than back then about the war?

Seems like that should be a good starting point. And I know you, you’re going to rally the troops and get me all kinds of information. I want this to be personal observations, not like Wikipedia entries…

Does that makes sense? Any and all help will be greatly appreciated