I have decided that I’m not overly approachable. Which isn’t really a surprise at this point in my life but over all, people have to know me to want to approach me. Which is always good from a not getting sexually harassed point of view. The brigade XO is convinced that at some point in my career, I’ll have a boss that just won’t quit trying to screw me, literally.

I’m not overly worried about that to be honest. If it wasn’t a problem when I was twenty and hadn’t had any kids, I doubt it’s an issue now that I’m a thirty something mother of two. But I digress

I’m generally shaping up to be one mean bitch of an officer. I had a second lieutenant the other day decide to task someone in my platoon. He did not speak to that sergeant. He did not speak to me. He claims to have spoken to the CO but the CO did not clear it either. When I sent him a gentle reminder that hey, you really shouldn’t annouce these things at meetings but should coordinate with one of us first, he sent me back this shitty little reply that he’d spoke with someone else (not in any way shape or form in my NCO’s food chain).

So I ripped his head off. I explained to said second lieutenant that he was missing the point and that for future reference, if he wishes to task my soldiers he WILL speak with me first. I was not nice about it, especially since this guy is supposedly prior service and should know better. I wouldn’t tolerate that from any of my peers and I’m damn sure not going to tolerate it because this guy is afraid to talk to me.

Some people are not cut out for the army. I’m of the mind set that if you want to be in the army, first off, it’s a privilege, not a right. Second, you better get some thick skin and grow a pair because we are a war time army. Combat veterans do not have the time nor the disposition to listen to someone whine about having their feelings hurt. Maybe it’s just me but I’ve come up in the army that if you task someone, you task them through their leadership. I’m just pointing that out. And I’ve been bad about this in the past too and when corrected, I make sure I don’t do it again.

It was meant to be a teaching point, not an ass chewing but unfortunately, it turned into an ass chewing. So we’ll see what tomorrow brings.