So I’ve been jealously watching all the tweets from everyone at RWA Nationals in DC this year. I’m hoping to make next years and last year’s wasn’t on my radar as I wasn’t ‘serious’ yet (well I was but I wasn’t but that’s another story). I happened to see a mention of an ARC (advanced reader copy) and thought that there were ARCs available. As I’m getting ready to write a really tortured hero in my next book, I wanted to revisit the master of tortured heros, Laura Kinsale.

I checked my emails this morning and lo and behold, I actually had an email from Laura Kinsale! Apparently, the awesome writers on the Twitterverse retweeted it enough to get the word back to her and she dropped me a note, offering to send me the teaser first chapter of LESSONS IN FRENCH that was available at nationals.

I ended up with a huge grin on my face today. Man, talk about cool.

Other writers stepped up and offered to help. That’s the really amazing thing about writers: by and large, they are an incredibly helpful group. This just confirms what I’ve already known. When I put out a call for school supplies for a commander down here, writers from around the nation geared up and shipped out box after box to my address here. Each year, hundreds of people donate to Brenda Novak’s auction to support research for juvenile diabetes. The Unleash Your Story project runs a campaign each year to raise money for the cystic fibrosis foundation. The generosity of writers to share their name, their time and their efforst continues to impress me far beyond what most people can imagine.

So thank you, fellow writers, for all of your generosity, kind thoughts and willingness to give back. I’m proud call myself one of you.