Okay, when I screw up, I think I’m pretty good at admitting it. That’s part of being an officer that I remember from training my lieutenants as a young staff sergeant and sergeant first class. Own up. Your soldiers will respect you more and you’ll sleep better at night.

So I can’t help it if someone is too stupid to realize that they’re too stupid for their current job. I know I’m being blunt, but come on, do you really expect anything less from me at this point?

So what I really really want to know is why some people don’t get fired? Is it their ability to keep six pounds of makeup from melting off their face in 112 degree heat? Why is it that the most incompetent people get to keep their jobs? We’re 7 months in at this point! Either you’re going to learn your job or your not. How many chances do people get?

And here’s what really sets me off about the whole darn situation. If I screw up, my boss will go over my ass with a wire brush. And then pour alcohol on it. So why am I held to account when others aren’t? Either hold us all to the same standard or no standard.

The argument I hear is well, they volunteer to be here and serve during war. I’d volunteer to be in the Infantry, doesn’t mean I belong there. Some jobs require technical skills that some people just won’t master. Ever. So why continue to subject an entire brigade combat team to less than the best? Hell, I’ll take mediocre at this point. Even lazy.

I’m just really tired of incompetent.