It’s been a super exciting week for me. I had my first interview over on Colleen Thompson’s Boxing The Octopus blog, which was super cool. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and said hi and a huge thank you to Colleen for having me on.
Then I had my first blog as part of the Mom Writers’ Literary Magazine Blog team. Which was also super fun and neat. Here I am, a diaspora mommy and I’m writing about being a mom. But it’s fun because I’m able to share my experiences with other moms.
Finally, I’m settling back into the writing groove. Being on dayshift keeps me busy so that when I do finally find time to sit down at my Mac, I’m actually writing, not screwing off. Night shift was incredibly productive but I was having a really hard time getting back into writing being back in Iraq. Day shift has provided the kick in the pants to get me going and I passed the halfway mark in my WIP. The momentum has returned, and I for one am relieved!
Have a great weekend!