Yes, the new and FINAL version of my website is up. I’m truly satisfied with it. Heck, it’s lasted three days so far, which is a record in my world. Honestly, if I’d spent as much time writing my next book as I have fiddling with my website, I’d have two books done by now.

So why do I think this one sticks? Because it has some of the elements that I really liked from my first one. The transparent panels. But one of the criticisms I’ve had on my other drafts is that none of them said military.

I didn’t want ‘military’ like I’d seen done on other sites. I didn’t want to really advertise the military part. Until I found a pic of a sunset over a desert. Then I went through my pics and found one of a Blackhawk through a side window with the 240G machine gun in the side. I overlaid the two and thought, yeah, this is really it. It’s not subtle but it’s brown, which we all know I have a burning obsession with as a color option.

Since I really got a thrill from my first and subsequent Blackhawk flights over here in Iraq, I went with the Blackhawks and the desert. Since most of my books in my military series deal with the army in Iraq, I felt like the desert was a solid fit. And my new site was born.

I like it. I really like it. It’s lasted three days (let’s be honest, the only reason the last one lasted so long was because I was on leave). So unless my agent or my (future) editor hates it, I’m sticking with it.

I welcome your thoughts and suggestions but yes, finally, it is DONE!!!