Well, it’s been a week since I left my kiddos and I’ve got to say, settling in has been depressingly easy. It’s as though the last two weeks of leave have been nothing but a blur. I wonder how the kids are doing. I’ve tried to call but Mom has been keeping them busy to keep their minds occupied, which is a good thing.

For myself, I slept a lot, trying to get back on the right time. Jet lag hasn’t been nearly as bad for me as it has been for my husband, who’s on day shift. But, if by jet lag, you mean the normal insomnia hasn’t hit, then you’d be right. It’s truly funny that I have more time for a shower and shaving my legs in Iraq than I do in the States. You wouldn’t think that being a soldier takes less work than being a mom but in my case, it seems to be true.

Slipping back into the writing thing has been tougher than I thought it would be, until the internet went down and I was forced to stare at my computer screen. Putting on some new tunes by a favorite band and digging into revisions and before I knew it, I’d crossed over the thousand word threshold. Not a lot for me, but better than nothing considering I haven’t written anything for the last month.

And the other exciting news I have to share is that I’m now part of the Mom’s Writer Literary Magazine team. You might have seen the announcement on my website, but I’ll be blogging with the gals over there as well. My first blog is due on 10 July, so I’ll be sure to post a link to it then. In the meantime, I’ve got to come up with something profound to say in my column titled “Wearing Mommy’s Combat Boots”.

All in all, it’s been all to easy to slip back into the routine. I guess I expected things to change but nothing has. We’re still here. It’s still hot and dirty and people are worried about the wrong things.

Business as usual, I guess.