As you may have noticed, I’ve spent the last week since I officially landed my agent doing everything BUT writing. I went back through a class taught online at the PASIC chapter of the RWA. Allison Brennan taught quite possibly one of the best classes I’ve attended through an RWA chapter and was one of the most informative classes on the publishing industry I’ve seen yet.

Anyway, as the class drew to a close, she talked about time. Managing it, finding it and keeping track of it. The biggest thing she pointed out was that no matter what you do, it’s always about the book. Which really helped drag me back into focus. I’ve been messing around between projects instead of taking the time to buckle down. I won’t have this kind of time when I get home from Iraq. There will be laundry to do, groceries to buy, lunches to pack, children to bathe. All of this, plus my job as an army officer and oh by the way, I’m planning on two books a year.

Nothing says I need a plan more than writing it all out but ultimately, if I want to write full time in 8 years when I retire, I have to make time for the writing. Even if I’m exhausted, it will be too easy to fall into the trap of not writing tonight and then the next night and the night after that and the night after that.

So I’m buckled down. I want to have my latest book halfway done in 6 days before I go on leave. That means 3K words per day until I fly, which I can do, easily. For the last 18 months since I decided to pursue publication, I wrote obsessively. I had to keep going because I refused to admit failure. Now that I’ve landed an agent, I feel like whew, the hard part is over.

It’s not. Now it’s about the time. While I have it now, I won’t have it when I get home and get back into the swing of full time working mom. And while I won’t take time away from my kids or my family, I’m wondering just where the time is going to come from.

Can you relate? What are your secrets for finding the time to write? Do you work and write?