This bears repeating. I’ve said it before but just so we’re clear. Anything said on this blog by me represents my opinion unless otherwise specifically cited as belonging to someone else. Nothing I say should be misconstrued to speak for the US Government, US Army or Department of Defense. 

Also, please bear in mind, everything I post has been scrubbed for OPSEC. I’m not going to post anything about operations or anything else spicy or scandalous. Nor will you find that in my Tweets or on Facebook. I’m highly conscious of what I put out here and will post nothing that detracts from our mission over here.

That being said, the few times I do voice my opinion about certain issues, they are MINE. I’m not a spokesperson for anyone other than myself and I am no one’s mouthpiece. Those of you that know me already know I’m pretty opinionated but I do censor myself here so as not to bring discredit upon my unit, my profession or my nation.

I won’t post anything here that I wouldn’t want my mother, my soldiers, or my superiors reading.

I’ll talk about things from a romance writer’s perspective, which, let’s face it, involves gender issues, sex, and other areas of intimacy. But please know, I’m very conscientious about what I post.

That’s all. Just in case you missed it.