The more I pay attention to the news, the more I feel the urge to comment on things that are probably going to get me into trouble. But here goes anyway.

I think the President made a smart move NOT releasing the pictures. For those who disagree, sign up for the Army or Marines and come walk the street with our boys. The people in those pictures have been punished and held to account, of that I am fairly certain. The ONLY thing those pictures serve to do is inflame the media and the bias that is already against us in the Arab world. 

In case you’ve forgotten – and I assure you the Muslim world has not – Abu Ghraib is still a rallying cry around the region. Releasing more photos would only serve to give greater incentive to those who wish to die blowing us up along with them.

Whatever those pictures show, I’m sure they highlight the flaws of a few, not the consent of the many. We are an organization made up of people, humans who make mistakes and contrary to what people may believe, we are not an organization of bloodthirsty baby killers. We have true believers among us, who believe in the morality and righteousness of what they are doing. We do not condone these actions and when they are discovered, we deal with the perpetrators. We learned many lessons from Abu Ghraib. Let’s not make soldiers who have nothing to do with the situation pay for the choices of a few. 

Once more, I challenge those of you who would question the soldiers on the ground: Join Us. Send your son or daughter over here when those pictures are released to live with the fear of mortars and rockets and VBIEDs. Of losing friends who walk the streets. Experience making those decisions for yourself, then sit back and say release the photos. And once more, I tell you we are not perfect. We make mistakes. We more than most have to live with the consequences of our decisions, because they are life altering and more often than not, they are permanent. 

Thus far, the president has had to make some difficult choices and I applaud his efforts. He made a balanced decision about the photos of our Fallen Heroes, probably the best choice that could be made under the circumstances. 

I think he made the right one here and our boys on the streets will not face an increased threat because of it. For now, anyway.