Here’s another one of those posts I try not to make too often. It was announced today that Stephen Green, the man accused of raping and murdering 14 year old Abeer Qassim al-Janabi in Iraq was convicted of rape and murder and now faces sentencing.

I am glad this animal was found guilty.

Green’s attorney argued the jury to “consider the “context” of war, saying soldiers in Green’s unit of the 101st Airborne Division lacked leadership.”

Here’s my problem with that. This lawyer is asking civilians to understand the context of war. Which is fine, except that this case does not need to be viewed in the context of a wartime environment.

In what case is it morally acceptable for our soldiers to rape and murder children and their families? There is absolutely no justification for Green’s actions and the actions of the cowards who went with him that night.

Do not mistake the actions of soldiers in the haze of battle who misidentify a target with the actions of a criminal who planned a brutal rape and murder.

War asks that good men do bad things. Green and his lackeys were not good men doing bad things. They represent the worst of our society and unfortunately, they were not stopped in time to prevent this tragedy. I am truly sorry for the actions of these soldiers.

I am even more sorry that their attorney has the audacity to explain this brutal crime as the impact of the combat stress. It’s a shame that the media plays into this and casts doubts on the honor of our men and women in uniform by lump us in with this criminal.

When the media repeat the lawyers argument that this should be ‘considered in the context of war’ they do every honorable man and woman in the military a great disservice.