So there’s this thing called the NCO Creed. Every NCO learns it from the earliest days of their careers and most NCO’s try to outline what it calls for. There is one line that states: I will take initiative in the absence of orders.

Apparently, that doesn’t not apply to officers. And, fully understanding that I’m being cryptic here, that’s all I’m really going to say on the matter.

However, I have some awesome news to report. My new platoon kicks ass! You know, when I was enlisted, I used to think that when officers said they were excited to be somewhere that they were full of it. Well, I can now say I really am excited to be part of my platoon. 

Here’s the short version. Professional development has been sorely lacking and so one of the things I instituted was a reading/writing/public speaking program. Needless to say, some of the guys were not happy about getting outside their comfort zone so we called a platoon meeting to let them air their grievances. These guys impressed the hell out of me. They stated what they didn’t like, for instance the Chief of Staff of the Army’s reading list was a little too advanced for most of their levels but could we use a different reading list. Absolutely.

My guys offered up creative suggestions to still meet the intent and the best part is they bought in on the entire project, once they explained what they wanted to do. Now there are a few that still don’t want to do it, and that’s fine. BUT, the majority of the platoon is on board and willing to give it a go.

How awesome is that! My platoon rocks!