I’ve been debating about posting regarding an issue I’ve been dealing with over here but I decided to share my severly edited thoughts with the world. I’m a strong proponent of women being able to do what they are capable of, with their own limitations being the only discriminator. That means doing their job as soldiers just like everyone else, right? Now I’m not a fan of women in combat arms as a rule, but that’s another discussion for another time. A non direct action job shouldn’t be an issue, right?

Here’s the situation. My platoon is responsible for occupying a radio relay site. They are remotely located from here. There are showers and latrines and a single sleeping area. Two different units are responsible for the two different sites. One unit will not allow females on their site because they say the living conditions are too harsh and there was a rape at one of these sites during the last unit’s rotation.

I’d love to hear differing opinions on this. The soldiers would be pulling shift monitoring the communications equipment.