Okay, its not often but I’m going to skip to work tomorrow. I’m getting promoted. Now don’t get too excited. The promotion from Second Lieutenant to First Lieutenant is usually as automatic from Private to Private First Class. But, I’ll finally get to color that gold bar black (I’ve actually been threatened with a serious amount of push ups if I color in my rank).

I’ll probably only get promoted once more in the army, so I’m going to enjoy my day, God willing. My husband is here with me and he’ll get to promote me, along with my brigade commander, Col Volesky. I figure working for him taught me most of what I learned in the last year about being an officer and I’m grateful I had the opportunity to learn from him. And it will only be the second promotion in our Army careers that my husband has gotten to promote me. My daughters pinned on my 2LT bars after OCS in 2007.

So have a beer for me and celebrate for me.  I’ll have a beer next year when my brigade comes home.

Take care!