Laura Griffin once asked me what I carried in my uniform pockets and I’ve been updating her periodically but I thought the rest of you  might be interested in what I lug around every day.

First, my M4 goes with me everywhere, except to shower in the morning. I have a bad habit of setting things down, so I wear it over my shoulder almost all the time. I usually only set it down when I’m going to be at my desk for a minute (not often right now). Around my belt, I wear a Spitfire flashlight and a Leatherman multitool (which has a knife). In my cargo pockets, I have my green notebook that also doesn’t get set down (it goes in my pocket, otherwise, I’d set it down and walk off and spend half the day looking for it). In my other cargo pocket, I carry a kabuki brush (to knock the dust off my weapon and computers) as well as baby wipes. When they’re not being worn, I have my gloves, eyeprotection glasses and my patrol cap in that pocket as well. 

I have pens in one shoulder pocket and a couple of markers as well as a laser pointer (the hallmark of a good lieutenant, according to the signal schoolhouse:) In another pocket, I carry my ipod, because the only way to get any  work done is to plug in and ignore the world around you (plus it has my ebooks on it, I just finished the Twillight series, thoughts on that later). Another pocket contains my wallet, which I also put right back.

In one lower leg pocket, I carry a 30 round magazine (the rest of my basic load of ammo is on my IBA) and in my other pocket I carry a reflective belt and a headlamp (it gets really really dark at night here).

So that’s what’s in my pockets on a daily basis. I figure my pants probably weight