So, the other day in my shop we were scrounging for a power cable to a VoiP phone. We managed to find one down at Arifjan, a two hour drive away. I told the boss that Scott was heading to Ali Al Saleem and I could ask him if he could scoot a little further down the road to AJ. Well, it turns out that Scott needed a TC anyway so off we went.

What a fun day. It was by far the most relaxing day we’ve had here. We saw a bunch of camels on the side of the road at feeding time. They’re actually pretty cool to look at, not at all like that a-hole camel out at Topsey in Copperas Cove (for those of you who don’t know, THAT camel sticks his head in the car and steals the food you’ve bought to feed all the animals). It was a lot of fun seeing them and we were wondering what purpose exactly do camels serve out here. Scott said they were a status symbol, kind of like an escalade in the states.

Oh well, the adventure continues. Muse is back in performing shape. Apparently all I have to do to get her back to work is complain about her and she gets creative on me.

So now I”m off to work at exciting Camp Buehring, Kuwait.

That’s all for now!