Made it safe and sound to Kuwait. Did a little work today, but the major grind starts tomorrow. Pretty jetlagged but can’t seem to get used to sleeping. It’s just like being at NTC, as far as the sand and the 5 minute combat showers, so all in all, it’s not bad. 

Except that I didn’t do any writing on the plane. Nothing. Not a single word. I slept instead, which may explain my current insomnia. I’d like to write something but I’m just not feeling into it. Though I did discover a cool fact during a layover: Stanza (ereader app for iPod and iPhone) offers many classics for FREE. I downloaded Poe, Hawethorne, Neitchze. All kinds of good stuff.

That’s all the excitement for now!

Otherwise, I’m on day 1. 364 to go.